Unfolding Crime

Book Cover: Unfolding Crime
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

In her next case, Kate is getting ghosted. Literally.

When Hallow Hills’ newest laundromat shuts down after a poltergeist infiltration, Kate gets called to the scene. At first, things are under control, but when the spirits get angry and turn on her, Kate’s powers go wonky and things go from bad to worse.

Soon, the entire town is under attack by vengeful spirits and Kate has to figure out how to cleanse the town and keep her new, burgeoning powers from overwhelming her. With Killian, the spirit living in her office building, at her side, Kate once again barrels headfirst into a strange and twisted magical mystery.

But this time, the culprit is someone she knows and a man who wields a lot of influence in Hallow Hills. When the dust settles and the poltergeists are laid to rest for good, will Kate still have a place in Hallow Hills, or are her days numbered?


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