The Vegan Vamp

Maron Archer is a weirdo. According to her upper-crust family, that is.
She doesn’t dress like an Archer, doesn’t think like an Archer, and she certainly doesn’t eat like an Archer.

Something went wrong when Maron came of age which left her with an odd craving for vegetables and a complete aversion to blood. To keep her secret, Maron avoids most friendships and all dating. But when she has a heart to heart talk with her best friend, Maron puts herself out there and approaches the Deadication Dating Agency.

But when she’s matched with an insufferable werewolf who guzzles down rare steak like he has a tapeworm, Maron begins to doubt herself and the abilities of the dating agency. Disgusted, Maron leaves the date determined to find her soulmate. Who is most definitely NOT Sterling Luna.

Or is it?


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