The Deluded Demi-God

A brilliant demi-god clashes with a business-minded incubus in the next laugh-out-loud installment of the Deadicated Matchmaker series!

Misty Anagnos is no stranger to dirty looks and snarky comments. After all, she is the most hated woman in town. As the daughter of Eris, the Goddess of Discord, Misty works hard to keep her head down and her life drama-free. She ignores the hateful people of the town and spends most of her time working on her new skincare business idea in the deep recesses of her basement. But when the idea begins to bear fruit, Misty realizes she’s the talk of the town and the hottest bachelorette in years.

Harry Wilder knows skincare. After all, as an incubus, looking good is his number one priority. But when an accidental meeting with a woman who has the most incredible glowing skin he’s ever seen turns his world upside down and he realizes she’s sitting on a gold mine idea, Harry will do anything to keep another from claiming her. Even go up against the shadowy Deadication Dating Agency to ensure he’s not just her perfect match…He’s her only one.

But Misty is no pushover. Underneath all that beauty, Misty has a mind like a steel trap and a savage streak. And while he might underestimate her, there’s no underestimating her insane family and how far they’ll go to protect her.


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