Out of Sanity Aphrodite

It’s time to pay the piper.

Or, Typhon, in Abby’s case.

To settle her debt to Zeus’ son, Abby agrees to participate in the Olympian games of old and allow suitors the opportunity to win her hand in marriage. Specifically Typhon, because he’s adamant he will be the champion.

Except...Abby doesn’t want to get married anytime soon unless it’s to the man who has challenged her heart and soul every step of the way.

But Hades no longer seems terribly interested in participating in the games even though he has repeatedly told her not to worry about the outcome.

Easy for him to say. He’s not the wishbone in the paranormal turkey.

Enemies, old lovers, and friends will come together in the latest installment of Abby’s hijinks, but when the dust settles and the victor is declared, will she be the winner?

Or will her heart be bound to another?

*Includes a SNEAK PEEK of S.E. Babin's upcoming new mystery series!


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