Norse Code

Book Cover: Norse Code

Freya is over Odin’s shenanigans. After finding yet another blond in her bedchambers, she makes a choice that shakes the foundation of her entire pantheon.


‘Cuz she blows up the palace.

When she holds a meeting in the town square and offers safe haven to Asgardians who wish to defect, Freya creates a retirement community in the countryside of Virginia and becomes the owner of a brand new pub. Away from the annoying antics of her husband, Freya is content for the first time she can remember. Of course, this is when disaster strikes.

Happy serving drinks to the townsfolk, Freya is completely unprepared for the first true crime to hit her people in centuries. Something magical and unwelcome has sought haven in her new town and is preying on her people. Loki thinks it’s Ragnarok. Odin thinks it’s karma.

Freya just thinks it’s a crock.

But she’s the only one who’s up to the challenge of finding the threat and eliminating it before her new settlement is over before it’s truly begun.

For fans of The Goddess Chronicles and those who love paranormal shenanigans, welcome to a new world full of frothy beer, bad puns, and laugh out loud mystery antics!


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