Liar, Lyer

Book Cover: Liar, Lyer

Ivy Bradshaw has her hands full. With a bustling soap business, a wise-cracking skeleton with mysterious origins, and a handsome necromancer she can’t quite get a bead on, Ivy is desperate for a break.Perfect time for a murder, wouldn’t you say? But this time, Harry is the prime suspect. When Ivy steps up to defend the animate skeleton and one of her only friends in town, the entire town turns against her. The evidence against him is overwhelming and no one seems to care that Harry is bound to Ivy and can only go where she goes.Ivy was nowhere near the murder scene, but someone is convinced Harry is guilty and will stop at nothing to bring him down.With more questions than answers and time running out, Ivy is forced to dig into Harry’s past. And when long-buried answers are finally unveiled, nothing will ever be the same. There isn’t enough soap in the world to scrub Harry’s alibi clean enough for him to come out of this unscathed…


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