Just Being Loki

Book Cover: Just Being Loki

Freya has friends, a home, and a strong marriage. So why is she so afraid she’s about to lose it all? Things seem normal at first, but when Loki starts acting … not like Loki, Freya smells something rotten in Virginia. With Morrigan tied up with her long-lost love, perhaps literally, and Gravelbeard enjoying some much needed time off, Freya is on her own trying to figure out why Loki has lost his edge and become a doting, romantic fool. But when Thor crashes into her town injured and afraid claiming sanctuary, Freya is more than a little nervous her carefully crafted world is about to come crumbling down around her. She doesn’t believe in coincidences and the gods have never been afraid to play dangerous games to meet their ultimate goal of taking her down. Freya might be trying to embrace her kinder, gentler side, but there’s a reason she’s the Goddess of Love and War. It’s time to show the Asgardians exactly what she’s made of. No matter who she has to take out in the process.


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