How to Seduce a Shifter

Book Cover: How to Seduce a Shifter

When a beautiful thief and a taciturn dragon meet, sparks will fly!

She read my fortune in the psychic market in New Orleans.
There was something about her that stirred my ancient blood.
Just as I walked away, I felt the pull of the mating bond.
But when I went back to find her, she was gone.
And so was my wallet.

I’m a psychic, but everyone thinks I’m a fraud.
I spend my days telling fortunes and stealing wallets from unsuspecting men too busy looking at my assets instead of my thieving fingers.
But I stole from the wrong man this time.
He’s on the prowl.
And I can’t keep running forever.

For fans of Terry Bolryder and T.S. Joyce comes a new series about shifters and the women who love them. Welcome to Beastly, a place where stronger women and sweeter shifters find their happily ever afters!


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