How to Dare a Dragon

Welcome to Beastly. Neutral shifter territory and home of four dragon shifters looking for love. Only they don’t know it yet.

Blaire Adkins is my worst nightmare.
She’s got a wickedly smart mouth and an intellect as sharp as my teeth.
Power pulses from her even when she cloaks it.
It calls to the dragon within me, but I have enough problems without throwing a witch into the mix.
But she’s my mate. And even though we go together like fire and gasoline, something about her makes me burn.

Scott Henderson is the worst.
He’s got muscles in all the right places, but the mouth of a college frat boy.
He squanders his power in the name of peacekeeping, and shiny things distract him.
But … the dark power within me likes him. It sees something inside of him I don’t.
I’m afraid that power is winning, and Scott is pulling me into a heated game of love and lust.
Except I have no intention of falling in love.
Even if it’s with my supposed mate.

For fans of Terry Bolryder and T.S. Joyce comes a new series about shifters and the women who love them. Welcome to Beastly, a place where stronger women and sweeter shifters find their happily ever afters!


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