Honeysuckle Homicide

Book Cover: Honeysuckle Homicide
Part of the Flora & Fauna series:
  • Honeysuckle Homicide

A family legacy of magic. A greenhouse full of fascinating wonders. A body?!

Billie is the last of her family’s magical line and with it comes some … unique challenges. As a flora and fauna witch, Billie is tied to the land in her small hometown of Daisy Heights, Texas. She’s happy running Billie’s Bloomers, a booming nursery and greenhouse where her magic runs wild. But Texas isn’t known for being hospitable to magic, so she keeps her family’s secrets close.

When her favorite supplier gets bought out by someone who knows nothing about gardening, and she receives a dead shipment of plants, Billie responds by giving the new owner a piece of her mind.

Only for him to wind up dead the next day.

Her flora magic is no match for the talent of the lead detective on the case, so she’ll need to pull out all of her tricks to solve this case before Billie is pushing up daisies of the wrong kind.


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