Fictional Fatality

A Shelf Indulgence Novella!

Dakota and Poppy are back in this next cozy installment of the Shelf Indulgence series, but this one might be a case even their book smarts can’t handle!

When a man drops dead in the middle of town, no one expects foul play. Except Poppy. My grumpy Persian won’t stop yowling about the murder until I agree to take a quick peek into it.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary, so I’m having trouble finding anything hinting at foul play until a slip of paper floats out of the book the man had just purchased. A book from my shop.

The paper has a name and a phone number scrawled across it.

My name and phone number.

Soon I’m hip-deep in a mystery with so many dangling threads I feel like I’m trapped in a yarn store.

But this one might end up with me all tangled up with a murderer.


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