Bubble Gum & Blackmail

Book Cover: Bubble Gum & Blackmail
Part of the A Cadie Sharp Mystery series:
  • Bubble Gum & Blackmail

Part Stephanie Plum, part Brooklyn Nine-Nine, readers will adore this novella length introduction to Cadie Sharp and her merry band of misfit friends.

Military vet, former assassin … candy maker?!

All Cadie Sharp wants is a quiet life. After a case gone wrong, she leaves the military and heads to small-town Tennessee, far away from the dangers of her former life, and opens up a gourmet treats shop.

But just as she begins to settle into her new role as a shop owner, the bodies start dropping.

During a routine candy delivery, Cadie stumbles over the lifeless form of one of her best customers. She’s trained to handle situations like this, but her former superiors have given her one rule for her new life.

Do not do ANYTHING to draw attention to yourself.

Faced with a moral dilemma, Cadie tries to quietly investigate without blowing her carefully crafted cover. With her newfound friends and a slobbering dog who won’t leave her side, Cadie finds herself drawn into a mystery - one with dire consequences if she fails to discover the murderer before they discover her.


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