Bookmarked for Crime

When a crime resembles the one in the newest cozy mystery release at Dakota’s store, she’ll have to team up with Poppy to catch a killer!

Dakota and Poppy are enjoying some much-needed vacation time, but when a body turns up in her best friend’s shop, she’ll have to put her amateur sleuth hat back on to solve the crime. The killer seems to be a local and knows where Dakota lives. When she receives a threatening note on her kitchen table, Dakota is forced out of her home … and into Hardy’s.

Being a sleuth won’t be easy under the eagle-eyed gaze of the local detective, but living in his guest house might be even worse.

Can Dakota and Poppy solve the crime before Hardy figures out what’s she up to? And with their tense relationship, can they ever hope for a reconciliation?

Find out in the next laugh-out-loud adventure of a quirky bookstore owner and her mystery-solving cat!


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