An Odinary Day

Book Cover: An Odinary Day

The pot hath been stirred.

The goose of the gods hath been cooked.

No one, and I mean no one, kidnaps the goddess of war’s hubby and gets away with it.

Loki is trapped in a cage with a bird as both his captor and his only companion.

Freya finds seven cats on her doorsteps and wonders if this is just how her life is now.

Morrigan finds a severed finger in her kitchen. She still has ten, so whose is it?

All these things do not a puzzle make, but once all the threads start weaving together, Freya and her friends will realize there is more danger on the horizon for them than some harmless grudge of the gods.

There isn’t enough beer in Asgard to get them through this, but they’re going to drink their way through it anyway.


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