Bloom & Gloom Mysteries

Deadly Confections
Series: Bloom & Gloom Mysteries #1
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Life wasn’t all that great when you were dead.

Piper was the head baker of Secret Confections in the scorching hot small Texas town of Babylon. Or…at least she was until she died. Struck by one of her own out of control cupcake trucks, Piper’s soul left her body and managed to somehow find its way into Purgatory. Turned out, the waiting room for Heaven and Hell was a small, invisible town in Texas.

Just her luck. She’d always wanted to leave Texas and ended up being stuck there for the rest of her afterlife.

But things weren’t all bad. She has a new bakery and new semi-kind of life. Until a guy rushes into her shop and dies right on top of her brand new ceramic floor.

Which might not have been that bad until he uttered the one word that was instant death to the livelihood of a baker with a brand new business.


Trifle of Terror

Series: Bloom & Gloom Mysteries #2

Release Date – Coming Soon

The second book in the scrumptious paranormal cozy mystery series has arrived!

Piper Bloom has finally settled into her weird new life. As the head baker and owner of Deadly Confections, she’s used to the monsters trolling in and out of her store hankering for her delicious goodies.

But when a mysterious woman enters and drops a cryptic note pleading for help into the usually empty tip jar, Piper realizes just how much she doesn’t know about Purgatory, Texas or the people she’s beginning to call friends.

Follow the snarky baker as she whips up delicious goodies and solves a murder no one else seems to be interested in.


French Silk Slaying

Series: Gloom & Gloom Mysteries #3

Release Date: Coming Soon









Milkshake Mayhem

Series: Bloom & Gloom Mysteries #4

Release Date: Coming Soon








Cream Pie Catastrophe




Series: Bloom & Gloom Mysteries #5

Release Date: Coming Soon







Hot Fudge Homicide

Series: Bloom & Gloom Mysteries #6

Release Date: Coming Soon