A Brand New Series! *flails*

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Most of my book ideas come to me in the form of, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” And then it skids off the rails into something completely outrageous. Which…if you know me, you know outrageous is kind of my thing.

Thus, the birth of Kitty Crawford and the agency Exit Stage Left (although that was a title brainstormed in our group, so I can’t take full credit for that one). I can, however, take credit for coming up with the idea of having a group of out-of-work actresses becoming paid mourners at funerals all across the Asheville area.

But there’s more…wouldn’t it be even MORE fun if every single one of those women somehow stumbled into a murder?!

Yes, yes it would.

So welcome to the world of the Funeral Fakers. I hope you enjoy Kitty’s escapades, and I hope you continue to read within the world of this series. There will be 5 additional books released, weekly, all from different and beloved cozy authors.

My book, Mourning Routine, is released first and can be read in Kindle Unlimited!


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