Sequel Snippet!

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Hermes has taken over my sequel and, I have to admit, he is SMOKING HOT! I wanted to share a fun snippet with everyone from the as of yet untitled sequel to Out of Practice Aphrodite. Abby is in another tangled web, but all of her friends and some news ones are back in this one because the stakes couldn’t be any higher. 

In a short moment of levity, Abby suggests a game of magical paint ball to keep them from killing each other out of sheer frustration. This snippet is from Chapter 17. 

During the game, Hermes manages to find Abby in the woods. 

I hope you enjoy! This is an unedited piece and is subject to change. All errors are my own. 

Thwack! My head spun around. Thwack! Thwack! Bright blue paint hit me square in the chest splattering up to my face and hair.

“Aaaagh!”  I screamed, looking around for the culprit. Blonde hair peeked around the edge of the house. “Hermes, I’m going to kill you!”

A deep chuckle rang out. “You’d be breaking your own rules, now wouldn’t you?” He stepped out, his gun raised at eye level.

“Don’t shoot,” I whimpered.

His look of concern almost made me smile. He walked quickly towards me. “Did I hurt you? I am so-“

Thwack thwack! I laughed maniacally at the site of yellow paint running down his face as I fired and took off running. His roar of rage only increased my giggling as my legs pumped as fast as they could. Yes, I could have disappeared, but where was the fun in that?

I looked back and wished I hadn’t. Hermes was gaining on me, a lunatic smile spread across his face.

“Shit,” I murmured and snorted with laughter because sometime in the first few minutes after the game started, he had streaked mud across his face and shoulders. With the addition of the yellow paint, he looked like an angry bumble bee.

“I’m coming for you, my pretty. And when I get you I’m going to sully you and make you scream.” Hermes was normally light on his feet, but now he crashed through the woods like an angry bear.

I screamed with laughter and kept running. “You’re getting old if you can’t catch up with me!” I spied a large log right in my path and jumped over it gracefully, praying Hermes wouldn’t see it.

From the loud crash and shouted curse words, he didn’t. I slowed down and turned to look at him. He struggled to extricate himself from the log, and when he finally stood up, the look on his face had me shouting again with laughter. Twigs and leaves stuck out all over his head. The paint had smeared into his hair, matting the curls flat onto his head. I grinned and waved.

His lips twitched. “You are going to pay for this.”

I kept grinning, watching him for any sudden movements. “Don’t be a sore loser,” I said. “You can’t always win.”

Hermes raised an eyebrow and called for his Caduceus. Crap. I felt my eyes widen, saw that wide monkey grin spread across his face again and I got the hell out of dodge. Magic burst into the air as Hermes’ curse words filled the air.

“Your mama should wash your mouth out with soap,” I screamed just as I disappeared.

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