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The Hunt for Snow  -- S.E. Babin
Out of Sorts Aphrodite

Snow's Lament  -- S.E. Babin
Snow's Lament

Out of Options Aphrodite -- S.E. Babin
Out of Options Aphrodite

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Thanks for taking the time to visit. My passion is writing entertaining, lighthearted stories – something readers will remember long after they’ve closed the book. Whether it’s playing with the Gods or mixing up mortals and magic, I hope to have work that everyone finds some enjoyment in. Please take a moment to browse around the site and get to know me.

Occasionally I may post tidbits of my work so please check back often! If you’re so inclined, please follow me on social media where I will post frequent updates about my work and entertaining tidbits to make your day a little bit brighter.